Helping to grow jobs and promote an economy that works for everyone

For his speech, the Governor was joined by Christie Montagne of St. Albans who is a shining example of what the state can do to help Vermonters get ahead.  Watch her story.

Earned Sick Leave for all Vermont Workers – Vermonters who are sick should not be forced to choose between going to work or losing their job. This protects everyone – nationwide, almost 90 percent of food workers report that they go to work sick and 65 percent of foodborne illnesses result from the handling of food by someone who’s sick.

Enhance and Extend the Vermont Enterprise Fund – The Vermont Enterprise Fund allows the state to move quickly to provide incentives and attract jobs. In the last two months, the Fund has helped Vermont secure 145 jobs to parts of the state that need it most.

Investing in Vermont’s Agricultural Renaissance – Vermont’s Working Lands Fund has been a catalyst in helping to support the farm to plate, farm to glass, and farm to can revolution. Thanks to generous Vermonters, it is getting a $175,000 boost. 

Ensuring everyone has access to an education that will set them up for success

The Governor's Step Up Program was inspired by Vermont brothers Brandin and Justin. Watch their story.

College Savings Accounts for Every Vermont Kid – Establishing a $250 savings account for every child born in Vermont, and doubling it to $500 for low-income children, will give Vermonters a head start on saving for the college that is now a prerequisite to a decent wage. 

The Governor’s Step Up Program – With a free semester of educational courses and support services, this new program will help Vermonters who may have stopped their studies and are stuck in low-wages jobs get back on the academic track and the road to a brighter future.

Taking bold steps to combat climate change at home and around the world

Divesting Vermont from Coal Assets – Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing Vermont. It’s time for Vermont to join California and divest the state of dirty coal assets.

Divesting Vermont from ExxonMobil Assets – ExxonMobil has known about the dangerous of climate change for decades but concealed that knowledge from the public. Owning ExxonMobil stock is not a business Vermont should be in.

Investing in Vermont-Grown Renewable Energy – To encourage Vermont-grown, not corporate-grown renewable energy, it’s time to provide economic advantages and incentives for locating solar on rooftops, brownfields, landfills, and other already developed lands where there is transmission capacity.

Expanding treatment for opiate addiction and working to prevent addiction from taking hold in the first place

More Staff and Support for DCF – To help those on the front lines of the opiate crisis, it’s time to give DCF the resources they need to do their job with 35 additional staff and other support measures.

Expanded Treatment for Opiate Addiction Statewide – Treatment has been expanded by 65 percent in two years but waiting list persists. The Administration will work statewide to expand treatment options in the coming months.

Limiting the Availability of Prescription Opiates – Vermont will act where the F.D.A won’t by limiting to 10 the amount of pills Vermonters can be sent home with for minor procedures. 

Pursuing a more rational drug policy and criminal justice system

Legalizing Marijuana in the Vermont Way – The War on Drugs has failed. It’s time to deliberately, cautiously, step by step, and not all in one leap, eliminate the era of prohibition that is currently failing Vermont so miserably.

Getting Vermonters Back on the Road – The system is failing when four times the number of Vermonters enrolled in the State College System are living with a suspended driver’s license. It’s time to stop suspending licenses for non-driver related offenses like buying tobacco underage.